Striped rock is a brown cat with a white belly, mussle, and paw, with green eyes, and light brown stripes that go down her fur (shown as ginger here) 
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Stripedrock (with ginger stripes instaed of light brown stripes) made in

Bio: Stripedrock represents how I can go from happy and optimistic to a violent person in a split second, and other things in my life that i wont reaveal for now because I dont want to make this too in depth.

Stripedrock was born to Nightingale and Octi.

When Stripedrock was five, a cat named bubbles brutally murded her parents and injected Stripedrock with a chemical that turned her white with red eyes.

She was sent to Thunderclan by a mysterious cloaked cat with wind powers.

At Thunderclan she was trained by her mentor WillowPelt on how to control her power, and soon she was able to revert to her normal form. at thunderclan she made a horrible enemy name Thornclaw, and really wanted to kill her.   One day Thornclaw provoked her, and she accidently turned, and killed Thornclaw, before she dealt her final blow to Thornclaw, Sandstar clawed her right eye, leaving a scar, she had to flee thunderclan.

One day she was recruited by Snowclan by one of her loyal friends Nettlestar.

Her and Nettlestar grew close.

After the good days of Snowclan, she Joined the Slaughterhouse, as her power had gotten out of control, and she would accidenlty transform into her alternate form when agry or supprised.

She currently lives in the slaughterhouse.

She has a strange obbsession with Bubbles, she hates her but wants to learn everything about her.

Enemies: Bubbles, Thornclaw

Friends: Her Victems, willowpelt, White Wolf, Cloaked Fennec Fox, Z the zombie fighting mouse, Eva
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Stripedrock as human


in her normal form she is; Condecending, Nice, Funny, Happy, Sad, Angry

in her powerful form she is; Condecending, Murderous, Very Happy, Stronger, Faster

Powers; Aging very slowly, Her alternate form